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Apollo® is a technology platform provides dealers with consumer prediction analytics and automated marketing solutions from a single dashboard.
Using proprietary algorithms to predict and track consumer shopping behavior, Apollo identifies customers who are statistically likely to purchase or service with your dealership in the next 90 days. Apollo then predicts the specific make and model the unique shopper will buy, and sends automated targeted marketing communications to your customers. The technology can also track customers through the sales funnel all the way to a purchase, allowing retailers to attribute marketing campaigns to real sales transactions.
Paid Search
Give online shoppers the exact information they search for. Apollo automatically creates unique payment-based ads on every new and used make, model and trim in inventory. That’s nearly 30,000 ads per month.
Online Display Ads
92% of consumers visiting your website for the first time aren’t there to buy. Re-engage those shoppers with dynamic payment-based ads, nearly 30,000 ads per month.
Facebook Advertising
80% of all Internet users use Facebook. Remarket where your shoppers are when they aren’t shopping with hyper-personalized offers.
Pre-Roll Video
Video is the fastest growing consumer medium. Apollo creates pre-roll ads for every vehicle in stock.
Equity Mining
A whole new way to cross-reference your customers who are in positive equity and are also in the market to purchase.
PIN-Based Email
Using our Upgrade Matrix Technology, Apollo predicts the exact make and model your customers are most likely to purchase next, triggering branded, OEM-compliant emails that are automatically sent with custom offers.
Digital Offerings
Digital Marketing

Management Fee
Monthly Budget
Dynamic Inventory-based Search Campaign
Online Display Ads**
Facebook Ads**
Video Pre-Roll Ads**
* includes 5% for Digital Services
** Includes 12% for Digital Services
Apollo® Packages
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Perfect Market
Perfect Prospects
Offer Manager
Upgrade Matrix
Automated Email
Equity Marketing
Omni Channel Distribution
Private Consumer Portal
Hot Opportunity Alerts
Ownership Verification
Inventory (New, Pre-owned, CPO)
Call Tracking Numbers
Call Pop Technology
Phone & Email Append Service
Creative Campaign Portfolio
In-Store Support
The Apollo Technology Platform
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Apollo® Features

Data Hygiene

Apollo will scrub your data using the most stringent criteria in the industry. This includes 4 year NCOA, CASS and Email Append. We dedupe, merge-purge, standardize and format to eliminate the waste.

Ownership Verification

Apollo will append vehicle registration data and DMS transactions to verify vehicle ownership. Eliminates 50% of the waste.

Perfect Prospect Mapping

Apollo will define your Perfect Market™. Each zip code in your market is automatically ranked and scored to identify where you have the most statistical probability of winning for the lowest cost based on historical transactions. We identify your Perfect Prospects™ who are statistically most likely to purchase or service with you in the next 90 days. Equity, open loans, leases and service activity are all factored into defining your Perfect Prospects.

Market Research Reporting

Apollo will provide a Full Market Report on all DMS transactions, showing you where and how to market within your Perfect Market.

Monthly Summary Reporting

Apollo tracks and measures all KPI’s for Perfect Prospects, vehicles, top trades, finance ratios and major YOY sales and service trends within the dealer’s perfect market.

Inventory (New, Pre-owned, CPO)

Apollo will download your sales and service transactions to update your inventory nightly using Home-net.

Offer Management Platform

Apollo customizes all offers with a Lease & Finance Payment calculator using all current OEM incentives and Dealer Parameters on every Make & Model.

Automated Payments on all Vehicles

Apollo will automatically calculate OEM and dealer incentive-based payments on all Virtual & Real inventory..

National & Regional Incentives

Apollo factors in all National & Regional Incentives, which are automatically updated in real-time.

Opportunity Dashboard (integrates with CRM)

Apollo tracks and aggregates all leads from inbound and outbound communications. This includes sales and service history for each consumer with ROI on each lead.

Pin-Based Emails

Apollo delivers custom PIN-based Sales & Service Emails that contain a Personal Identification Number. They are automatically triggered based on the consumer’s behavior, activity and ownership cycle. They include custom offers and drive the customer to their personalized Consumer Portal.

Phone Append Service

Apollo conducts a quarterly DMS phone append.

Pin-based Consumer Portal

Apollo drives all customers to a private, PIN-based, mobile-friendly Consumer Portal with one click on an email. Each portal is completely customized for the individual and automatically configures their service coupons and upgrade options using Upgrade Matrix™ and the customer’s equity position. This provides a unique and personal experience between the consumer and the dealership.

Customized Behavioral Specials & Tracking

Apollo uses Pin-based Emails to track a consumer’s shopping behavior and engagement with marketing campaigns. This includes a form submission, a phone call or even vehicles the consumer has looked at in their Consumer Portal.

30 Minute Bid & Budget Optimization

Apollo uses a proprietary automated bid-management system designed to adjust keyword bids every 30 minutes for maximum conversions.

Monthly Summary & Digital Reporting

Apollo generates monthly reporting which your Regional Marketing Director will review at regular monthly meetings. All reports are designed to measure campaign ROI on monthly and real-time matches.

Upgrade Matrix Technology

Apollo predicts the next Make, Model & Trim a consumer is most likely to buy based on your dealership’s historical sales and trade patterns. We create relevant offers customized for each consumer based on their unique upgrade options. All offers include OEM programs, Dealer incentives and your preferred pricing.

Creative Campaign Portfolio

Apollo provides an online ad planner to view and select template-based sales and service direct mail and email campaigns.

Opportunity Dashboard with Equity Mining

Apollo Plus incudes a fully integrated Equity Mining program within the Opportunity Dashboard. This Identifies consumers who have engaged with marketing campaigns and are in a financial position to upgrade their vehicle.